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unzip Tanzania

Unzipping places to visit while you’re staying in Dar es Salaam

If your planning to explore Dar es Salaam but don’t really know where to start not to worry here a few places you can visit when you get there.

  1. National museum of Dar es Salaam


  • If you are looking to know more about Tanzania why not start off with a little history lesson with the national museum in Dar es Salaam. The museum was established Governor Harold McMichael dedicating it to his king George V. Since then the museum has hosted a number of cultural artifacts, fossils, crafts and many more.
  • Opening hours are from 9:30am to 6:00 pm.
  • The entrance prices are Price: Adults – 6500 TZS (10 dirhams), Students – 2600 TZS (4 dirhams).

For more information:


Visit: www.nmt.go.tz

Contact details: Call; +255222122030


  1. Slipway shopping center and restaurants


  • Slipway is located around the extravagant and posh area in mssasani. Slipway is a marvelous combination of things to do there are the restaurants such as;
  • The Terrace Restaurant.
  • The waterfront.
  • Thai Kani.
  • Taste of Mexico Restaurant
  • Gelato ice cream.


  • Then there is the shopping center is a combination of exclusive and wonderful restaurants with shops with African crafts. You can enjoy the tasteful indulgences foreign cuisine and African art all complimented we seaside view with wonderful sunsets.


  1. Mbudya Island

  • One of Tanzania’s many islands, it is registered as one of Tanzania’s marine reserve, where tourists and locals alike come to enjoy the golden sands of the island, where you can enjoy the scenery and activities there. The activates include, snorkeling (discovering different marine life), picnics, camping or simply just relaxing on the beach mbudya is the place for you. Going to mbudya from the rainbow hotel, you can simply arrange transport from the hotel to slipway, where you can take a motorboat to mbudya. The boat ride is about 30 minutes from slipway to Mbudya and you can gaze on the crystal blue waters.



  • Boat fee/Entrance: For Adults- 15 dollars, Children age 5-16-6dollars, Children bellow 5 enter for free.


  1. Kariakoo Market
  • it is the busiest market in Dar es Salaam where you can find practically anything. It has a variety of shops, from simple;

Herbs, Spices, fresh vegetables, fruits and poultry to getting laptops, television, the latest mobile phones. It’s a place where you can bargain prices at your pleasure but beware not to carry any valuable items when walking the streets.



  1. Elements Bar and Restaurant

  • Elements is a bar and restaurant located in Masaki, Haile Selassie Rd, Dar es Salaam, it is a fabulous Bar and restaurant that serves delicious cuisines but also has one of the best nightlife in Dar es salaam. It’s a combination of a Bar, Restaurant, Lounge and nightclub, it houses some mesmerizing lights and you can listen to some of the most stunning and upbeat music with practically daily events.


Elements Phone number: +255 713 504 104

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elementsdar

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elementstz/


  1. Saadani National Park

  • Saadani National Park is Tanzania’s 13th national park, it is the closet national park to Dar es Salaam, and it is close to the Indian Ocean shore. It hosts a different range of animals from hippos, lions, Leopards elephants many more. It takes 6 hours away from the capital city get to Saadani Park, so it would only take you 6 hours to see the big 5.

Hours: 6AM- 7PM

Phone: +255 689 062 346


  1. Mikumi national park

  • Mikumi national park is the fourth largest park in Tanzania bordering the south of the Selous Game Reserve. It contains two different subspecies of giraffe the massai giraffe and the Somali giraffe, along with other game animals such as lion, buffalos, hippos and a lot more.


Opening hours: 7AM–6PM

Phone: +255 774 330 133


  1. Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo is an old town in Tanzania that is on the west of the Indian Ocean, it has ruins that are within the colonial area holding the German fort “Boma”. It is a tourist attract because of its beaches, history and cultural art.


  1. Makumbusho/ Village Museum


  • Makumbusho is a village Museum, which was made in 1967, it is within the heart of Dar es Salaam. It showcases Tanzanian huts and on the many Tanzanian tribes up 130 different tribes, teaches you how they lived and how they faced colonization.
  • Opening Times: 9:30-6:30

Address: New Bagamayo Road at Makaburi Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Telephone: +255 270 0437


  1. The open-air Makumbusho ya Taifa Village Museum in Dar es Salaam was created in 1996. The traditional dwellings of 16 Tanzanian ethnic groups can be seen here.


    Usambara Expedition/Usambaramountain hiking

  • Usambara Mountain nicknamed the Switzerland of Africa, it has a beautiful view top, surrounded with lush greenery, tourists go there in to hike the mountain and gaze at the breath taking view.
  • Usambara expedition contact details:

Phone: +255787110049,

Email:  info@usambaraexp.com


  1. Mwenge Woodcarvers Market

  • Mwewnges wood carvers market is within the heart of Dar es Salaam, tourists go and purchase African souvenirs, its well-known for its African wood crafts that include facemasks, spears, bracelets, wood sculptures, necklaces and many more.


Timings: 9AM-5PM

Phone: +255 22 212 6826


  1. Azania Front Lutheran Church

  • It is a Lutheran Church, is a well-known landmark where it was built by German missionaries tourist attract located, facing the harbor in the city center.


  • Address: Kivukoni Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 787 428 763


  1. The South Beach resort

  • The south beach resort is a hotel resort, located across the ferry at kingamboni, the resort faces the ocean where you can see the beautiful Indian Ocean front. Tourists can do a variety of activates, swimming, jet skis, or even lounging on the beach enjoying the different food they have to offer.

Address: Kigamboni Bridge, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 763 428 794.



  1. Kivukoni Fish Market


  • The Kivukoni Fish market is located towards Barak Obama rd. It’s where fishermen bring in the catch of the day, for locals and tourist alike to pick from showcasing different fish they have caught straight out of the sea.

Hours:  9AM-5PM

Phone: +255 787 141 015


  1. Kunduchi Water Park

  • It is considered Tanzania’s biggest water park, you can enjoy different water slides, and water games kunduchi has to offer.

Address: Kunduchi Water Parks Ltd, Dar es Salaam 00361, Tanzania

Hours: Open 9AM 5:30PM

Phone: +255 688 058 365

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