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Importance of Camping

Camping is the next big thing in Tanzania and the world. The connectivity you get when you camp you can not get in four walls no matter how fancy the hotel can be. Among other reasons listed are things that might make you consider camping

1 Connect with nature

This is the main reason that makes me camp whenever I am out in the wanderlust considering all the places which are quite and have the vibrancy of Nature such as Hiking, Trekking, A day by the lake or just out of town.


Considering most people have the excuse of not wanting to travel thinking it’s very expensive, Camping could be the best option of having fair and affordable stays in different destinations

3. Meeting new people

You can’t deny it once in the campsite you will just find yourself interacting with other people, Be it whole catching the morning sunrise or the bonfire at night. This will be a great option for backpackers

4. Privacy

Some people that travel always look for specific places with privacy and just have some alone time! Hotels can be too interactive but once in the middle of the forest, it’s just you.

Be sure to find out the information about the campsite before camping there so as you can know it offers all the things you are looking for, Some camps are public and some are private and has all the facilities that you might need once camping and some don’t have. Be sure to find out about the security of that place and if people are allowed to camp at that specific place!

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