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unzip Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve

Frederick Courteney Selous, a British explorer, hunter, naturalist, and conservationist, traveled from Eastern Africa to southern Tanzania for big game, and was captivated and mesmerized by land and the animals that called it home.

The hunting reserve was named after him as the Selous Game Reserve in 1922 in his honor, but was changed into a nature reserve in 1982 by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the multiple species of animals that call Selous home.

The Selous Game Reserve is another one of Tanzanias many national parks. The interesting quality is the rufiji that flows from the Indian Ocean. Apart from the rufiji river, the parks scenery consists of the Miombo woodlands, wetlands, and Acacia savanna.

It s wildlife contains a popular number of elephants, rhinos, wild dogs, zebra, hippos, giraffes, and also includes lions and buffalo.

In the selous you can beat witness to the battles between lions and buffalo, going head to head with one another.

The Selous Game Reserve also holds lodges right next to the Rufiji river, and you can also go on walk safaris, boat rides along the Rufiji River, and camping.

So, if you re looking to find your inner explorer, and witness the magic that Sir Fredrick Selous encountered, come join Unziptanzania to discover more on what the Selous National Park has to offer.

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