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History was never a very interesting topic for some of us as we where made to cram a lot of dates and a lot of names of people that to some didn’t really matter, for our main concern then was not to know more about our heritage but more about

Frederick Courteney Selous, a British explorer, hunter, naturalist, and conservationist, traveled from Eastern Africa to southern Tanzania for big game, and was captivated and mesmerized by land and the animals that called it home. The hunting reserve was named after him as the Selous Game Reserve in 1922 in his honor,

The 591 hectares sized Magoroto Forest Estate with its scenic freshwater lake has been opened in 1896 by German Settlers as one of the very first commercial plantations in Eastern Africa. Originally the Estate began as a rubber plantation and, after subsequent failed attempts to grow coffee and tea, converted

Zanzibar, known as the island of spices, is a self governing region of Tanzania. It is a jewel among jewels, surrounded by beautiful small islands like Unguja, Pemba, and Mafia islands to name a few. It’s about a two-hour boat ride off Tanzania’s economic capital, Dar es Salaam, and it

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